At Agency by Design Oakland, we do the serious work of shifting mindsets and habits through a playful approach to professional development


Reina Cabezas, Ignite Talk 2018


Montera Culture and Climate team 2022-2024

Our vision  | We dream that…

All educators and learners are thriving, with the agency to shape the world around them.


Our Mission  | How we get there…

We create and sustain ecosystems of agentic educators that center love and liberatory imagination. 


Our values  | What we use to check ourselves regularly…

Shift Power      We actively work to shift power from those who hold positional power to those closest to students - and ultimately - to students themselves

Joy Joy is a transformative healer in learning. It is an active choice that allows us to be in right relationship to each other and to our work

Emergence Inside each learner is the wisdom to know where to go. We design learning experiences and spaces to honor and respond to the unfolding nature of learning.

Inquiry We are curious. We ask questions and interrogate systems and ways of being to ensure equity is at the center of our work. Our inquiry moves us to act.

Agency We pursue purposeful action and invest in developing lifelong changemakers. We take leadership in creating spaces for just, equitable change.

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